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Marbella, 100 kilometres square and 24 kilometres of beach, is branded all over the world as one of the classiest and most beautiful holiday destinations in Southern Europe. It has everything: beaches, mountains, old andalusian charm, cosmopolitan atmosphere and services, countryside and city, and a wonderful climate that keeps the temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter than the rest of Malaga province.

From Cabopino to Guadalmina, passing through the ports of Marbella and glittering Puerto Banús, the coastline is fine sand all the way, and the land that goes back from the beaches is a paradise of luxury housing developments, golf courses and beautiful mountain scenery.

It is little wonder that Marbella has attracted the rich and famous for many decades, and that many people who come here on holidays decide to stay. Nowadays, Marbella remains a place that draws admiring glances from other resorts; a town that can be both hedonistic and decadent at once, an exclusive play ground for the rich and famous and also a place that affords the Average Joe his chance to hob-nob with the elite in a way that just couldn't happen in Monte Carlo or St. Tropez.

Marbella is fresh yet classy, laid-back yet open-all-hours, and easily accessible yet a world away from the dreary grey of home. Marbella is an enigma. Marbella is Spain's centerpiece destination as well as Golfers preferred.

Let's put aside for a minute the international reputation for glitz and glamour and let's talk about the town as it was meant to be enjoyed. The warm sunshine acts as both orchestrator and timekeeper, beckoning children into the water, dictating restaurant's opening hours and al fresco settings, and generally deciding on the mood of the inhabitants. Forever, the mood is one of contented relaxation, particularly on the beach or in the cool of the Alameda Park.

There are shops, bars and clubs abundantly, sure, but Marbella was and still is a very Spanish charming town where locals, expats and tourists co-exist alongside one another in the most harmonious way, with apparently nowhere off limits for anybody, and a warm welcome awaiting all.

Take a stroll along Marbella's delightful Paseo Marítimo – a sweeping stretch that takes in the entire length of the main town area, where palm trees guard beautiful terracotta villas, lavish hotels elegantly creep towards the beach and only impose in the most discreet manner, people of all ages promenade, run, cycle and chatter their way along as charming cafes, traditional tapas bars and chiringuitos serve all manner of delights. There are plenty spotted along the promenade, ranging from classy seafood joints to cheap and cheerful expat bars and your more traditional tapas places. All are invariably well-priced and deliver fantastically fresh food for all the family.

Alternatively, the Old Town's tight narrow streets harbour a fair smattering of delightful establishments just waiting to be discovered. Visitors are surely surprised by this Old Quarter of Marbella, as it is not common for a city that is linked by choice to the modern world and large scale tourism to have managed to preserve the imprint. The street plan of this part of the city preserves the irregular layout that is characteristic of the Arabic era, although some of its narrow streets open onto gorgeous plazas designed immediately after the Christian Conquest. Numerous establishments of all types confer upon this corner of Marbella a distinctive atmosphere, and its broad and well-planned terraces are always filled with sightseers.This is Marbella at its best.

If you can, don't miss and be part of Marbella's splendid feria taking place each June. Mixing together locals and tourists, the feria is well-washed down with copious amounts of fresh sangria, cool beer, traditional song and dance and a kaleidoscope of colour, where everybody strolls around with a grin or a smile plastered permanently on their face.

A typical night out in Marbella will start with an affordable sit-down or stand-up meal that begins at 10pm and is accompanied with wine and beer, followed by a few drinks at one of the numerous musical bars at the promenade or in the old town before moving on to a dance club in town or by Puerto Banús; One of these memorable evenings surrounded 80% by Spaniards out to have a good time, a good dance and to enjoy the very soul of what makes Marbella so special.

Beginning of next year, the long time planned transformation of the port in Marbella in one of the most luxury Marinas of the Mediterranean Sea will become reality for a global investment of half billion Euros. The Marbella Marina will have space for 1221 yacht and cruise liners. There will be 860 moorings for yacht, cruise liners and mega yacht. The project includes 45.000m2 of commercial and leisure facilities and a 5-Star hotel with 200 beds (worth an estimated 124 million Euros).This project will become the emblem of the new cosmopolitan Marbella and a worldwide reference in high class tourism and will be a sign of an income boost for the town of Marbella but also for the region.

Marbella has become the generic name for the Western Costa del Sol and has a great variety of locations, surroundings and ambiances to offer where all type of properties from inexpensive to multi-millions can be found!!!


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