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Bank Owned Properties

In the recent years, most bank repossessions by no means got anywhere near the public domain; the real bargains essentially being sold to bank contacts or employees, and the not-so-desirable properties not going anywhere. Nowadays Banks seek out for way to market their properties to the general public. Most banks start to understand that superior market expertise and product knowledge are required by clients.

On account of Lovely Planet Properties broad experience on Costa del Sol property market, several of the leading banks in Spain have approached us to offer their repossession property. Our team, on a regular basis intends to separate out the great value, highly desirable properties on consolidated urbanizations with fully functioning complex to unwanted properties on unfinished or 'ghost' developments even if they look low-priced at first glance.

Therefore you will find our advices very valuable and we will guide you through all the ins and outs of purchasing a bank repossessed property (as it is rather a different process to a standard property purchase). We also previously making sure it is exactly the right property for you – as we do with all our buyers.

Our range of bank repossession property covers all areas and all budgets, starting from just below €100,000 and with finance of 80-90%, and in some cases even 100% available.

Another important tip: some of the bank’s properties should be still negotiable, but only if you are cash buyer.

Of course we couldn’t list our entire catalog of banks owned property in this page, so how can you take advantage of these bank repossession opportunities out there? Simple, just talk to us and we will search for you the property that match fully your needs. These repossession opportunities are available in all areas of the Costa del Sol and at all price levels.

For further information about the best bargains banks repossessions, call us today on +34 951 508 196, or e-mail info@lplanet.net.

Properties Direct from the Banks