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Inspection Visits - See for yourself!

Inspection Visits - See for yourself!

Don´t just take our word for it… join us for a viewing trips and sample a little of the warmth, charm and excitement of the Costa del Sol!

We can help you to arrange your accommodation (hotel or apartment). If you need, we’ll meet you at the airport and take you to the properties we have selected jointly beforehand.

You’re not familiar with the Costa del Sol? Never mind, we can introduce you to different areas and neighborhood; we’ll guide you around and help you to pick up the place that best meet your needs.

Furthermore, we arrange the best time and locations for you to meet professional advisors from lawyers, banks and finance advisors, etc. We will also assist you to obtain your NIE (ID nº for non residents buying in Spain).

We believe in a friendly personalized service, our aim is to give you a taste of what makes this region distinctive: its very own way of life…