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Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is known around the world as a jet setters paradise and turned out to be the playground of the rich and famous; the summer months are simply one ever lasting party.

Situated to the West of Marbella downtown, the marina was inaugurated in 1970 by Prince Rainier of Monaco and his wife, Grace Kelly. Since 1970 the port attracts some of the most famous people and it is visited by approximately 5 million people from all over the world each year.

The marina has berths for 915 yachts boats and mega-yachts, including those of the King of Saudi Arabia and several of the world's wealthiest individuals. Indeed Puerto Banus became the place to be seen and the place to see enticing all sorts out on to its pristine streets, as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys cruise along slowly, turning the heads of the many happy few enjoying a cocktail beside the still turquoise waters of the port; Along the first line, Puerto Banús really impresses.

Behind the harbor lie streets filled with bars, exquisite boutiques and nightclubs, regularly frequented by locals and visitors alike. Stylish and wealthy Spaniards gazing at the various Luis Vuitton, D&G, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Karen Millen, Dior and Bulgari boutiques, while classy tourists or ex-pats wearing a relaxed smile, a perma-tan and appropriate summer clothing bring into play their 'no-limit' credit cards in one of the many hip shops.

This is life in Puerto Banús. A penthouse or apartment near to – or overlooking – the harbor is highly sought-after –and priced-, offering its residents not just a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but a chance to be part of this very select club, too. Ostensibly modern yet with its roots placed firmly in classic Andalucian architectural styles, Banús is a compact harbor town of dazzling white-washed buildings, pleasant plazas, wide boulevards and sheltered beaches, augmented by chic apartment complexes, plenty of bars, beach clubs and nightclubs, and a number of exceptionally luxurious hotels.

Puerto Banús has a rather unique atmosphere during the daytime. The seasons play their part obviously, so let's start with the winter months first. Between November and March, most of the daytime activity will take place on or around the harbor. The moorings are less populated this period of year, while the harbor side walkway (Paseo or 'first line') is noticeably quieter, yet still frequented by holidaymakers and locals enjoying the views, the cafes, the bars, the boutiques and of course the mild weather. Elsewhere, the beaches surrounding the port are practically empty. Come April, however, and the first shoots of summer emerge, initially in the form of the thousands of Madrileños who come down on the Costa del Sol for Semana Santa at this time of year, soon followed by Northern European enjoying the beautiful spring weather. From this moment through to the end of September, Banús is soaked with activity. The ethnic cafes, takeaways and restaurants are packed of people, while the Marina Banús and El Corte Inglés shopping centers in the heart of Puerto Banús are a huge draw for visitors all year round.

Alongside Puerto Banús are a number of beach clubs where expensive sun loungers, obscenely-priced drinks and disgracefully wasteful 'champagne parties' characterize the summer. Still, it's immensely popular, so it must be doing something right. For more 'normal' people, there are still traditionally Spanish chiringuitos (beach restaurant), which are more affordable and where a more family-friendly atmosphere exists.

The nightlife of Puerto Banús is legendary for good reason. All ages will find something that will suit, whether you seek a romantic meal for two alongside the harbor, some relaxed drinks with friends in a chic wine bar, a last drink with the family before heading home, or a endless night out involving numerous pubs, clubs and super clubs regularly visited by world most famous DJ's.

Properties right on the Puerto Banus marina and particularly on the promenade are accessible to a very restricted number of happy-few and often only sky is the limit to prices.


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Puerto Banús

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Puerto Banús

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Commercial - Puerto Banús


Puerto Banús

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